Biodiversity Funders Group

The Biodiversity Funders Group's mission is to support and grow a community of biodiversity grantmakers that pursues complementary and collaborative strategies in their quest to create a just, healthy, and sustainable future for all life on Earth. We do this by:

  • Sharing knowledge and strategies
  • Building partnerships
  • Identifying needs and emerging issues
  • Creating a forum for leadership.
In our climate, health, and equity work, we’re most focused on:

Providing a space to help funders bridge the 'gap' between classic conservation issues and classic environmental justice issues. 

Why this is important:

If we are to create a just, healthy and sustainable future, we need to ensure that we are driving policies that are guided by inclusive principles to support and sustain all life on earth.

Our offerings for funders include:

Webinars and work groups that address issues across the environmental landscape, including but not limited to, land and fresh water, marine and global conversation. We also hold an annual meeting as well as produce issue specific publications.


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