Why We're Investing: Funder Perspectives

A broad diversity of foundations and donors are making grants at the intersections of climate change, health, and equity.  Some are funding at the grassroots level, some at a state or regional level, some nationally or globally.  Their specific aims and issues, places, or communities of focus vary. Despite these differences, funders in this space share a sense of urgency about the climate crisis, a grounded optimism about solution paths forward, and an appreciation of impacted people as problem-solvers. 

To learn more about engaged foundations, see this funder and field survey report, as well as a list of philanthropies making relevant grants. 

Foundation Profiles  

Click on logos or foundation names below to learn about why and how some foundations are investing in work at the intersection of climate change, health, and equity.   Foundations interested in contributing a profile to this toolkit may contact the project team.


Image Credits:  Health and Environmental Funders Network; Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Philanthropy California, Resources Legacy Fund, Smart Growth California, Vibrant Planet, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation