Building Equity and Alignment for Impact

The Building Equity and Alignment for Impact (BEA) Initiative redistributes power and funding more equitably within the environmental justice movement by changing the culture and systems of philanthropy.

Our climate, health, and equity work is most focused on:

Facilitating courageous conversations with and among three sectors: grassroots environmental justice organizations, national environmental organizations, and philanthropy.

BEA creates opportunities so that all sectors can build alignment and understanding on frontline EJ issues. We champion grassroots access to power, money and visibility, as they make sustainable impact in the marginalized communities they serve.

The BEAI Fund at Grassroots International seeks to support organizations with approaches that could include: mutual aid to meet community needs; addressing impacts of pollution and environmental injustice; agroecology, food sovereignty, and rebuilding of local farms; energy democracy; water protection and access; promotion of solidarity economies; advancing women’s leadership; popular education; policy work; and movement building toward long-term systemic change.

This is important because:

We must enable the breakdown of historic barriers that exclude frontline groups from accessing resources and power.

This work is not charity, it’s strategy; we must return power, resources and wealth to communities because they know what they need best.

Additionally, we are particularly concerned about the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our grassroots partners.

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