Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability

Leadership Counsel fundamentally shifts the dynamics that have created the stark inequality that impacts California’s low income, rural regions. Based in the San Joaquin and Eastern Coachella Valleys, we work alongside the most impacted communities to advocate for sound policies and eradicate injustices to secure equal access to opportunity regardless of wealth, race, income, and place.

Our climate, health, and equity work is most focused on:

Impacted communities in the San Joaquin and Eastern Coachella Valley to overcome barriers to climate resilience including but not limited to access to safe and affordable drinking water, affordable housing, active transportation infrastructure and transit, green space, improved air quality, and land use.

This is important because:

Through co-powerment, community organizing, local and state-wide policy advocacy, and legal representation, we ensure that low-income communities and communities of color are meaningfully included in decision-making processes in order to address historic under-investment, disproportionate environmental impacts, and poor land use planning that perpetuates patterns of exclusion and poverty. Co-powerment is the acknowledgment of equal power held by residents, communities, partners, decision-makers, and other stakeholders and the importance of working together to leverage expertise to identify priorities, develop and implement collaborative strategies, and create sustained change.

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