National Association of County and City Health Officials

The mission of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) is to improve the health of communities by strengthening and advocating for local health departments.

NACCHO serves 3,000 local health departments and is the leader in providing cutting-edge, skill-building, professional resources and programs seeking health equity, and supporting effective local public health practice and systems.

Our climate, health, and equity work is most focused on:

Empowering local health departments to advance equity while mitigating and preventing the adverse health impacts of climate change.

This is important because:

The health impacts of climate change are experienced by all communities, but disproportionately burden populations facing inequities. Local health departments are uniquely positioned to affect changes in policy, programs, and education - alone and in partnership with other stakeholders - to protect communities from the health impacts of climate change.

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Visit our Environmental Health webpage, which contains information about all of NACCHO’s work and resources in environmental health topics, including climate change and environmental justice.

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