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The Thornburg Foundation invests in enduring solutions to help solve problems affecting people and our planet. We work statewide in New Mexico on several issues including: early childhood education, food and agriculture, good government reform, community-level social service delivery, K-12 education, and water.

Our climate, health, and equity work is most focused on:

The impacts on agriculture and water given that New Mexico is an arid state with limited water resources. And given the racial and ethnic diversity of our state and disproportionate economic, educational, and other outcomes for people of color, much of our work is aimed at addressing these types of structural inequities. 

This is important because:

In New Mexico addressing climate change is an urgent imperative, as the state is already experiencing impacts of a changing climate. And we recognize that systemic racism prevents progress towards a just food and agricultural system, an equitable education system, an effective social service network, and a just, representative democracy. 

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Link to the Thornburg Foundation’s statement on racial equity here.

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Allan Oliver, Executive Director