US Water Alliance

The US Water Alliance advances policies and programs that build a sustainable water future for all.  The Alliance aligns diverse stakeholders—utilities, public agencies, community organizations, environmental groups, agricultural interests, labor, researchers, artists and culture bearers, and many others—to find common ground solutions to our nation’s most pressing water challenges. 

Our climate, health, and equity work is most focused on:

Building cross-sector momentum and collaboration to  scale solutions for equitable climate resilience in the water sector. The goal is to establish and strengthen relationships between communities, utilities, cities, and regional partners into an integrated and climate-responsive community of practice.

We are accomplishing this by centering climate action through the One Water approach, equipping utility members with the connections and knowledge needed to integrated climate adaptation and mitigation efforts throughout their operations, and infuse equity across climate strategies undertaken by the water sector.

This is important because:

The water sector is at the forefront of the climate crisis—more intense storms, persistent flooding, record drought, sea level rise, impacts on water quality, saltwater intrusion, and more. Climate impacts are felt first, and most often, through water. Low-income and communities of color are hit the hardest. There is a need to better coordinate and scale climate strategies across water utilities, the communities they serve, and city-wide resilience efforts to ensure swift action that is equitable.

By activating diverse water stakeholders to embrace the complexity of water challenges and the intersections, the US Water Alliance can catalyze a solutions-oriented pathway to a climate-secure future through the One Water approach.

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